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ON THE FRINGE Visual and Performing Arts is an all-volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Solano County, CA.
Our mission is to bring culturally diverse, female-driven theatre and arts education to children and adults in Solano County. We strive to be inclusive in our art: inviting and embracing participants and players of diverse ethnicities and identities, including lgbtq communities.
We pursue our mission with a three-pronged approach:

 1. Providing visual art and drama classes, camps, and workshops for youth grades K-12.
     2. Producing engaging, thought-provoking and diverse theatre to be performed in Solano County.

              3. Pursuing services that support engagement with visual and performing arts in public and private events.





Basically if you used it as a kid and it made you smile...that's the stuff we'd love. Because we cater to kids of all ages and those with special needs, we'd love if all donations would be non toxic.
We need all kinds of paper!! Everything from regular printer paper to colored construction paper. This paper will be used for everything from flyers to art projects and everything in between.
We are always in need of pencils. #2 pencils, charcoal, graphite and colored are all welcome and used.



The most important thing anyone can donate is their time. You are the life force that keeps a non profit going. Can you sew? Paint? Build? We need you. Not feeling especially crafty? How about working the box office, concessions stand, or better yet be an usher. An usher is necessary and gets a free show. If you are interested in any of those jobs, please send us your contact info.
In preparation for each show we will need everything from plywood to paint. If you are in the building business or have leads on materials we can upcycle, we would love to hear from you. Please send us an email with your contact info and we would gladly put your info in our resource data bank.